4 Ways to Promote Your Romance Book

In the digital medium, the romance market was one of the sectors that benefited in 2022. According to the Newspaper, digital books (e-books) had a 65% increase in sales over the previous year. Despite the favorable scenario, competition is very high, is it even worth it to publish a book in the romance category?

Writing a book, launching it, and promoting sales are not easy tasks, as well as getting it launched by a publisher. That’s why we have put together in this post fundamental tips for you to launch a romance online book by self-publishing, having total control of your work and boosting sales!

First Step: How to Publish Your Romance Book

With your quality e-book formatted and with an attractive romance book cover, you can publish it on digital platforms or create your own. Shopify and Amazon are widely used for the second option, and to boost sales you can expand earnings with affiliate sellers.

If you choose to use ready-made platforms, which are already known and have a trained audience, the best ones we found, after long research, are:

Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon): on this platform you publish your e-book for free and pay commission on sales to Amazon. But rest assured, because the amount received is around 70% of royalties per sale.

Authors Club: the club partners with major bookstores in the country and also allows you to publish online for free. You choose how much you want to receive for the royalties. The site makes the book available for purchase, prints it, and delivers it to the reader.

Second Step: How to Launch a Romance Book Online

With the book ready and published on a sales platform it is time to promote it and attract buyers!

At this point it is important to have an online page dedicated to promoting the book, and also to form a community of readers interested in the work or literary genre. It is worth creating an account on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn specifically for this purpose and make attractive publications about the book, with excerpts that arouse curiosity, lively reviews, character introductions, among others.

Engaging readers

To form an engaged community, you can create a group on Facebook or Telegram, which is increasingly used in digital strategies. Remember to actively participate in this group, create polls and stimulate conversations with your future readers.

Pre- and post-launch of the Romance book

To publicize the big launch, it is worth allocating a budget for ads on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can create a campaign to publicize the launch event and another to publicize the link to buy the virtual romance book.

After the launch, use these same communication channels to encourage readers to rate the book on the platform where it is available, so the work will be highlighted and promoted to more people.

Third Step: Romance Book in the Press

If you are an author, you have a command of your work and can write press releases for journalists in an attempt to get coverage for your romance book. In this text we have gathered the best tips to help you write a successful release.

But if you are new to press relations, you may well find it difficult to attract the attention of journalists.

Fourth Step: How to Promote to Loyal Audience

Digital influencers are a strong trend in marketing and can certainly be useful for promoting your book. The first step of planning in influencer marketing is to study some profiles and choose the ones that fit with your literary genre.

Then it’s time to introduce yourself and do your book’s “sales pitch”. Say why you see synergy with this influencer and win them over. Next, send your romance book or e-book to him with a treat, which can be a simple affectionate note.

When negotiating, decide whether the payment method will be barter (widely accepted by micro-influencers) or cash. Remember that the influencer will present your work to the public, but this will not necessarily convert into sales. Other factors interfere in the purchase, such as the distribution of the book, value, among others.

In Conclusion

Launching a romance book on your own is not easy, but self-publishing ensures greater control over the work, which is worthwhile in artistic and financial terms. We also show you the main platforms for selling books online and the best channels for dissemination at each stage of the launch. If you have any questions, just get in touch via the link below. And of course, have a great launch!

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