6 Amazing Tips on How to get a Beautiful Romance Book Cover Design

One of the most interesting areas of design is editorial design, which deals, among other things, with the creation of romance book covers. Just walk into a bookstore full of books, from floor to ceiling, of the most varied styles, prices, and authors, to understand the importance of creating a cover that catches the public’s attention, ensuring that the book stands out and differentiates itself from the others.

And, contrary to what the saying goes, many books will be judged by their cover. Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes, it is easier to understand the logic: amidst so much information, it is important that the book has a great visual appeal to ensure that, at least, the reader will take it off the shelf and read its ear – from then on, it is already the author’s job to ensure sales.

There is no formula for book cover design, but there are a number of principles that, if observed, can lead to a promising path. Check here the secrets you need to know about the subject.

Research is everything

In the world of design, reference research occupies a very important part. Before starting a creation, it is indispensable to understand the context of that work, to observe what is being produced by other designers, and to get as much information about the theme as possible.

In the case of a book cover, then, it is indispensable for the designer to find out about the author, whether he has published previous romance books, and about the subject matter of the romance book. Is it a historical novel? Impossible to work without reading a lot about the period, for example.

Also, visual references make all the difference. Search for similar covers, images that translate the concepts you want to convey, or even random subjects that can inspire. The important thing is to build a unique repertoire that will help you elaborate your work.

Each romance book cover has a purpose

There is no point in creating a dramatic cover, in dark tones, with a mysterious image, for a children’s story. It seems obvious, but a visit to any bookstore allows us to notice that book cover designers often forget this – and getting this message right is crucial to reaching the desired audience.

Therefore, before starting the work, it is very important to talk to everyone involved in the process (author, publisher, etc.) to understand what are the main objectives of that cover, what is the message that should be transmitted.

Based on this information, it is easier to work on the choice of visual elements that work in favor of communication.

The importance of the emotional

Research shows that most of the time the buying decision happens inside the store or company. In the case of bookstores, this is no different, and there are many factors that determine whether a customer chooses a book over many others.

Many of these factors, however, are totally subjective, that is, we cannot always tell why one cover attracts us more than the others.

In this context, it is very important to think about how to dialogue with

Drafts matter a lot

We often get stuck in our traditional work processes, unable to see other possibilities. In the case of designers, this means spending hours and hours in front of the computer, operating software, and watching things take shape.

But often, breaking this routine can be a great help in putting things into new perspectives and helping you to glimpse new possibilities.

When it comes to creating a cover, how about using paper and colored pencils and pens? Draw without compromise and without worry and start to figure out what will work best. Then, with the idea already defined, go for the digital finishing!

The science of romance colors

We all know that each color can convey one or more meanings. For example, red has everything to do with drive, passion, and emotion. Yellow brings joy and lightness. Green is related to health and tranquility, while blue is fullness. Black represents tension or elegance, depending on how it is explored.

Colors bring, then, countless possibilities for work, and as we mentioned, these subjective factors are very important in creation. Research a lot about the meaning of a color before choosing to use it.

The technical details

There are thousands of possibilities to create a book cover, but if we observe well, they end up following one of three guidelines: either they are essentially typographic (working with text and letters), or they bring an image as the main part, or they are more abstract, starting with an illustration, for example.

It is clear that within these three guidelines the paths and possibilities are infinite, but one question that can help a lot in the creation process is precisely the definition of what type of cover to make.

Regardless of your choice, it is essential to take some care: the title of the book and additional information such as the author’s name should always be very legible, to ensure that anyone can identify it.

If you are going to use images, make sure they have good resolution for printing – if not, the result of the romance book will be very different from what was seen on the screen.

And do not forget some finishing touches that can help you make the cover even more beautiful: a lamination, a special ink (imagine a title printed in gold, for example) or a stunning paper. All this contributes greatly to the final result.

See how creating a romance book cover is a challenge and requires a lot of work and technique? But the effort is always worth it and we can see wonderful covers in the market that have all the impact on the sale of copies.

Be sure to talk to those who understand the subject and hire a professional prepared to take care of your book’s image! Tell us in the comments your doubts and experience on the subject!

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